The history of the igloo village

A shared idea and desire

The igloo village in Metz is first and foremost the story of sharing: three people from Lorraine who realize during a conversation at the table that they had the same idea at one point, and who get together to work on it to « see if it is feasible ».

The concept of igloos dedicated to catering has already been tested in New York and London. Maybe a bit far for a meal when you live in the Grand Est, Luxembourg, Belgium or Germany nearby 🙂

Why shouldn’t what is done in London or New York be possible in Moselle? Finding no valid answer to this question, the project was put into study in the summer of 2019.

The relocation of the chalets of the gourmet Christmas market (from the place de chambre to the place de la comédie) in 2021 would offer the opportunity to give life to the village of igloos, and to offer a different experience to the inhabitants as to the tourists who frequent the city center of Metz …

After hundreds of hours of work, the project was submitted to the Architects of the Buildings of France, then to the town planning services of the Eurometropolis of Metz and finally to the elected officials and the services of the city of Metz who all gave their agreement.

A daring bet, in a difficult context

After the (very) difficult period experienced by restaurateurs in 2020 and 2021, the possibility of opening an igloo terrace in the middle of winter represents a risk, but also an opportunity and the expression of a desire to move forward.

For the first edition, 4 restaurant owners from the room have placed 8 igloos in order to receive their regular customers or passing through, for lunch and dinner.

In view of the success met from the opening of reservations, there is no doubt that these pioneers will be followed in the future by new restaurateurs and cafetiers, eager to share their cuisine, their identity and their atmosphere with their customers in a different context. In Metz or elsewhere.

The igloo village is a project that was imagined and carried by the events company LOGIN Group based in Metz, in partnership with the company Y2C Entertainment..

One of the missions of LOGIN Group is to create event concepts to promote the attractiveness of places, cities and territories. The second mission focuses on the digitalization of all types of events, and the third is the production of events.

The igloo village, whose investment is entirely financed by the company, brings together its three activities, but also illustrates its creative identity.

Les partenaires

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